Originally from Toulon, in the south of France, i have been raised by the sea. From a family of six, at young age my big brothers taught me surfing which have bred in me a deep love for the ocean. This sport became an addiction that have guided the rest of my life. While i was learning how to surf, i was also discovering art and joined painting classes. Naturally i was painting ocean and waves. It's only as a teenager that i discover photography, when i accidentally find an old camera in my parents attic. I buy a few films, i shoot, i failed, i shoot again... and realize that this whole process fascinates me. That's it ! i will become a photographer After graduating, i manage to convince my parents that i want to do a photography school. That's how i moved to Paris with a camera and a 50mm. I spend the first year shooting everywhere in Paris, consuming dozens, even hundreds of Kodak films TRI-X 400 that i developp in my bathroom and print at school. Like thirsty of konwledge, i learn everything i can, i spend countless hours shooting, reading and learning. But this obsession for surfing gets back in me and makes my life in Paris hard to handle. Eventually i quit my photography school halfway thru the year and fly to Hawaii ! January 2006, i'm 19 years old, and i land on Maui, Hawaii with my home-made waterhousing and i will spent the next 3 months swimming at Ho'okipa every single day regardless the conditions. The following steps are a long story but here are some important dates :

- 2004/2005 : Photography school : ICART Paris
- 2006 : First trip to Hawaii.
- 2007 : First trip to Tahiti
- 2008 : Moving to Tahiti
- 2013 : RED BULL ILLUME Semi Finalist : Illumination Categor
- 2014 : ISPO AWARD Gold Winner : Photo Category
- 2016 : SALT AWARD Winner : Water category
- 2016 : RED BULL ILLUME Finalist : Masterpiece Category
- 2016 : MONSTER CHILDREN Photo competition Winner : Action Category
- 2017 : CANON Editor's Choice Contest Winner : Sports + Nature Categories
- 2017 : WSSF - Olympus Pro Photographer Show Down : People's Choice Winner
- 2018 : Publication of my first book SURFACE
- 2018 : Publication of BEAUTE MER by National Geographic
- 2019 : RED BULL ILLUME / Over all Winner & Category Winner : Energy
- 2021 : Whalebone Photo contest, Finalist : Water + Weather categories
- 2021 : Paris Sport Photo, Finalist : Sport Extremes + Portfolio categories
- 2021 : Ocean Photography Award : Adventure photographer of the year 
- 2021 : Publication of my second book TURBULENCES
- 2022 : Ocean Photographer of The Year by Ocean Photography Awards