Description :
4 years after SURFACE, i'm beyond happy to announce my new book TURBULENCES !
A photo series shot from the inside of Teahupo'o. One of the heaviest wave in the world that offers a stellar show yet kept unseen.
An interesting balance between air and water, giving birth to suprising shapes that we call "vortex". These turbulences have obessed me for the last 4 years.
So much that i have spent these years getting caught and worked at Teahupo’o. Right below the impact zone, right above the reef, to witness the unique phenomenon .
I tried my best to shoot it in all its forms, from 1/10th to 1/8000th of a second in order to capture its beauty and power.
Once i was out of the water, it was hard to think of anything else but that’s what forced me to see the ocean differently and i started to spot similarities from above and below the surface and creativity kept coming.
This book represents a body of work on the element of water.
Voluntarily limited to 128 pages, in order to remain visually strong, printed on high quality and appropriate paper, nothing was left aside to unveil these 75 photos.

TURBULENCES is available in 3 Editions :
- Regular Edition is the book Turbulences 
- Luxe Edition is the book Turbulences signed and placed in a slipcase with hot silver stamping including my image RUN as a 13x19cm (paper 15x21cm) open edition print.
- Art Edition is a limited edition of my book Turbulences , numbered and signed, in a beautiful, hand made, art box offering a window on the front to showcase the book and including my image FRACTURE as a 18x28cm (paper 21x30cm) limited edition print (numbered and signed) as well as its certificate.